What can be Etched?

With a laser almost anything you own can be etched. Certain items such as family heirlooms will need be be looked at before we will confirm an order. Almost any material can be etched such as metal, plastic, glass and leather can be turned into an artistic pieces or personalized item, including:

  • Phones and PDA’s
  • Computers, MP3 players, IPODs
  • Cameras
  • Rifle stocks and pistol grips
  • Household items you want personalized or with return information
  • Stone, Corian™ or Tile using custom artwork
  • Wallets, phone covers, belts
  • Tools (untreated and chromed metal requires additional steps and charges), bike parts and custom work
  • Flashlights, knives, any painted or treated metals
  • The list is endless (we are currently limited to etching items no larger than 12×18 and no deeper than 8″)


Durable and beautiful, Corian™ has infinite uses beyond counter-tops

Coasters, Memorials, Signage, Cutting boards, Trivets



Phones, PDA’s and Laptops

Metal and plastic laser etch very nicely  contrast of paint vs plastic colors




Etching chrome requires a special treatment with beautiful contrasting results




Using edge lighting acrylic sheeting, computer windows, custom cut outs



Dog-tags & Assorted Anodized Metal

Etching will give a contrasting color change from the base color



Assorted Wood and Leather

Wallets, belts and wood plaques


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