Turn the plain into custom and exciting personalized items!!!

Make your statement today and get your device laser etched

LASERBURNT uses a laser to etch artwork onto a variety of devices and materials. With painted, anodized aluminum or coated materials the pigment is changed leaving a brilliant impacting image. With non-coated plastics and leather, it will remove material leaving stunning dimensional artwork. Metal, when etched with a special coating, will leave a contrasting black image of the artwork.

Lasers today make it is possible to create special gifts, customize the plain or express your personality on most any item you own or plan to purchase. LASERBURNT can etch laptops, phones even that anniversary memento leaving a permanent memory or special message.


We offer services from making dog tags for

your loved family members to custom work for their memorials. If you can imagine it we can etch it!

What will be needed to etch your device:

  • Artwork – quality graphics creates quality etching (vector 300dpi of better or hi-resolution photos)
  • An item to etch (Corian is available from me)
  • Complex artwork will need to be reviewed on appointment or by email
  • Feel free to contact me with any questions about what can be etched. We are also on Facebook here http://www.facebook.com/Laserburnt

Christmas Snowflake ornament HERE


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